Woman left heartbreaking note on her Facebook account before taking her life

Life is precious and borrowed from the creator of it. People believe that only the creator has the right to take it away. There are lots of people who would enjoy life no matter how short it is as they say, but there are some who would take their lives away as early as they can, through committing suicide.

Cases of suicide has different reasons depending on the victim and every victim would left a note before committing suicide. A Facebook user Riva Nable Paragas shared how her niece took away her life.

Kathrine Faye took her own life because of depression and heartbreak. Her aunt who shared it, know about her suicide act because she left a note on her Facebook account which she posted a few hours before she did the act.

Riva wrote on her Facebook post on June 4:

“This was my niece’s note before she took her life. There are no words to describe the loss and grief. If only all people knew how to love and be kind, what a better world this would be. Please pray for our angel, Kathrine Faye.”

According to the screen shots, Kathrine blames no one for taking her life except her previous partner, whom she said she has given everything but still managed to left her. She also told her family how much she loves them and told them to be happy and enjoy life freely. She also asked for some apology for not being a perfect daughter.

SOURCE: Coolimatic