Woman left out shirtless in public in another “gold digger prank”

Every has the desire to be wealthy in life. a life where you won’t have to worry about our expenses, whether it’s about buying all the supplies needed for everyday use or going over the top and buy everything we desire without the care in the world how expensive it is.

Being rich indeed has its perks, but there are some people who takes advantage of this and uses their so-called charms to manipulate this people so they can control them on their palms and we call these kind people gold diggers.

However, one popular YouTuber with the name Joey Salads surely put on quite a show by doing a prank on a gold-digging woman he met.

Here you can see Joey asked the woman if she wants to come with him along the way, but refused the offer and said she’ll just wait for the bus

But when Joey showed off his car who amazingly drove itself when he called it, she then changed her mind

In the car, the two had a conversation and it seems like the girl loves where she is, a very different attitude than what she had earlier

Joey then took her to his place and convinced her to go topless

Unfortunately for her, Joey don’t date gold-diggers and set her up on a prank, leaving the woman topless outside his house

Joey then continued slamming the woman and said that he don’t date gold-diggers as he looks at the camera. Now, this is one way of embarrassing gold-diggers and put them on their place.

See the full video below.