Woman miraculously escapes death in seconds after she got carried away by fast-moving floodwater in Peru

Our lives have always something to do with nature. We have to appreciate the goodness and life it is giving us and not to destroy it. If we only know how to take good care of it, then surely no calamity will ever destroy us. But there are really lots of people who would rather destroy it than appreciate it.

The calamities we are facing now is the result of our wrong doings with the nature. Cutting trees and lots of mining activities will give us flash floods which is always dangerous if we aren’t prepared about it.

Just like what happened in Peru wherein a fast moving flood water was recorded and videoed by many.

The floodwaters carry a mass volume of different things including animals.

People are trying to save some animals as long as they can.

People are busy taking some videos, they could not went down because the current of floodwaters is really strong.

A woman appeared at the middle of the flood who was also carried by it. 

People tried to rescue the woman who passed out after reaching the edge.

We may not be aware of it, but calamities like this are just one proof that the nature is getting destroyed. Netizens are reacting about the cow which wasn’t helped by the people around, but the cow was safe though. People couldn’t just help right away because the water was moving too fast.