This woman put a coin into a cup inside her freezer for a reason that we never knew so useful

Are you fun of going out of town for how many days? Well, there are really people who loves having an out of town get-away to enjoy and lessen stresses in life despite having a busy schedule. But the only thing that keeps them worried is everything that would be left in their houses especially the food inside the fridge.

They questioned the safety of it after leaving the house for days. Of course, we aren’t really sure if that would still be safe to eat. But a netizen shared a smart way of knowing whether the food in your fridge is still safe in case you decide to leave home for a longer time.

With only three things, you can determine if your food is ruined after you return from your vacation. According to Sheila Pulanco Russel, you will just need a mug, coin, and tap water. She learned about the method when they evacuated their house when Hurricane Matthews struck.

Russell calls it as the ‘One Cup Tip.’ You just need to put a cup of water in the freezer until it solidifies. When all the liquid has turned ice, you should place a coin on top and then put it back in the fridge.

According to her, you can tell whether the food had gone back with where the coin is. If it had fallen at the bottom of the cup, it means that the fridge had been down for a while, meaning food may not be in good condition. The ice had melted, causing the coin to sink and when the power went back, it just got frozen gain.

If the coin had remained on top or in the middle of the cup, then the food is still fine. Russel suggested having the cup inside all the time just to be safe.

Since we really don’t know about the safety of our food when we left home, it’s somehow one of a kind great idea to try. Well, there’s no exact explanation about this but this tip is somehow helpful enough.

Source: The News Journal