Woman reveals how drinking a gallon of water a day made her achieved her dream body

In social media, there are different ways of getting skinny and losing weight in just few months or a year wherein followed by many. These ways are being shared by some who got their sexy looks after losing weight. And netizens are just that interested to know each of their stories. It may took less or more but they really lose weight which is somehow amazing.

There is this woman named, Alyssa Lusk, a 27 year-old teacher from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who gained weight after falling in love. She weighs 200lbs  after just one year of dating with her soon-to-be husband Carter Lusk,  her weight soon made her felt depressed.

Her weight gained after enjoying cozy night in with takeaways and eating fast foods all the time. 


She weighed 200lbs before she decided to shed the pounds and began exercising five to six times a week and has seen her body slim by 56lbs.

She explains:

”I put on nearly 42lbs (four stone) within a year, I was eating fast food all of the time and didn’t work out as much. I remember walking around the mall and wanting to cry because I was so unhappy with myself and that is when I decided to take action so I began walking again and watching what I ate.”

She was determined to take action, drink more water, and increased her intake to double the amount recommended by a doctor – over four liters a day. She also watched what she ate and began working out six times a week. The weight dropped  off up to 1st and a half and her boyfriend proposed.

After her boyfriend proposed, Lusk worked hard even more to achieve her sexy slim-look now. 

”I got engaged shortly after losing about 21lbs (a stone-and-a-half) so my upcoming wedding really motivated me even more and I continued to lose another 10lbs before my wedding.”

”I began training in the gym. I totally changed my lifestyle to lose my weight. I created healthier habits such as drinking nearly a gallon of water a day and committing to working out five to six days a week.”

”The hardest part about my journey was blending it with everyday life and social events. Sometimes people didn’t understand why I couldn’t participate in certain events because I didn’t want to be tempted by food. You just have to decide what is more important, cravings and temptations or your goals.”

Lusk  hopes to inspire others with her weight loss and enthusiasm for water and the gym. Her best advice for beginners is to make slight changes first, begin drinking water, start tracking calories and workout three to four days a week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lusk on their wedding day on July 2015.