Woman saves P43,000 out of her coins “ipon challenge”

When you tried to have a piggy bank, there is always that temptation to open it anytime of the day. But if you are really dedicated enough to save some money, surely there’s no time to open it before it’s full. Just recently, the woman goes viral after saving all her 50-peso bill which reached up to 42K.

Now, another viral saving of money is coming out on Facebook. That’s after Janeth Enriquez posted and uploaded photos on her Facebook account all the coins that she have saved. Her savings reached up to 43K which she captioned the photos with:

“Pang enroll, solved!! Thank you Lord! Wag maliitin ang 5 at 10 pesos. Total of 43k! Tiyaga tiyaga lang para sa mga may pinapaaral pa jan.

She has 6 different coin banks full of 5 and 10 peso bills. 

Her savings will surely help her to have something to spend for the tuition.

Now, netizens are reacting on it. Some are happy and wanted also to save like her, but there are some who are commenting about the Senate bill regarding coin hoarding. But whatever it is, it may be legal or illegal, she has now something to spend for the tuition of her children.

Save for the future. But it’s not as easy as that, you need to have the discipline and determination, to be able to save. But always remember to work hard.