Woman shares how a common medication removed her acne in just a few months

To have an acne is one of the most dreaded conditions teenagers try to avoid as much as possible. Some even try desperate solutions just to remove the thing that causes them humiliation.

Kali Kushner, a 22-year-old student from Cincinnati, Ohio struggled with small cases of acne since she was in high school. When she was 19-years old, she developed severe red marks that went deep into her skin tissue.

She desperately tried almost everything in the market and that she found out that most of the medication was only making her cystic acne worse.

With the help of a dermatologist who recommended the oral medication, Accutane, within just 3 months Kushner was able to see improvements on her skin.

Kushner tried many different drugs and treatments to improve her acne. One treatment she tried was the oil cleansing method. But the method didn't work for Kushner. She posted this in April to show her followers how far her skin has come 

Accutane is a common acne medication, which is marketed under the brand name Roaccutane in other regions of the world. The oral medication, made with vitamin A, is used to reduce the oil production released by the skin glands.

After using Accutane, Kushner experienced dry skin, eyes and back aches.

Kali Kushner, 22, is open on her account about her skin transformation and how she was able to find confidence in areas of her life that don't involve physical beauty

Three months later, she noticed that her skin was clearing up for the first time in years.

She shared her journey on her Instagram account. Due to people who are inspired by her story, she gained an increasing fan base which is now up to 22,000 followers.

She hasn't worn makeup in the past five months after almost always wearing it before her skin improved

She receives messages every day from people asking for advice and commenting on her acne journey.

“Your skin doesn’t define you. A lot of people equate confidence with physical beauty, but I’ve never thought of the two in the same boat,” Kushner said.

“Confidence is all about achievement and reaching my own life goals,” Kushner emphasized.

Source: Daily Mail