Woman threatens to drown herself into the river if husband won’t let her check his phone

Trust is one of the most important key ingredients in order for a relationship to work. Love alone can’t guarantee a healthy and long lasting relationship.

Facebook page Shanghaiist has recently uploaded a video that shows a Chinese woman lose her marbles and going wild in front of a huge flock of people as she is attempting to throw herself into the river because of some relationship issues with her husband.

This woman is threatening her husband that she will jump off the bridge and drown herself if he refuse to let her watch her phone.

According to the post, the wife was demanding for her husband’s cellphone to be checked by her as she has the gut feeling that her husband has been cheating and seeing another woman. She also raised the bar when she threatened the husband that she will jump off the river if the he refuses to give his phone.

Unfortunately, the husband refused and this caused the wife to go even more crazy. Thankfully, her attempt to throw herself on the river didn’t happen as her husband and other citizens were able to stop her with her suicidal plan.

This video has gone viral on the Chinese media and is also slowly getting more attention on the internet world.

Watch the dramatic video below: