This Is Why Women Should Stop Wearing Bras

A fully grown woman experiences a huge transformation the moment they hit puberty. Similar to men, women are also starting to grow hair at certain parts of their body. Having said that, one of these changes concerns about woman’s breast as they are beginning to grow and starting to look busty to some women.

With that in mind, this is the reason why females are suppose to wear a bra every time they went out in public to avoid their breast getting stared at by some people. However, did you know that many experts are now urging women to stop wearing bras?

It might sound a little crazy, but this is a fact and will surely give you second thoughts if you want to wear a bra every time you go to work or hang out with your friends. A content posted by Facebook pageĀ Health For All Women, really tackled this topic and explained why women should stop wearing bra.

Many of us has this idea of a bra being a women’s shield against perverts as it covers a very tempting part of woman’s body that can easily provoke some men to do think some dirty things in their mind. Although this is all true, wearing it can also cause risky health problems to some women.

Below are few of the reasons why wearing a bra isn’t really necessary.

1. Wearing bra doesn’t prevent sagging of the breast


2. Increases the risk of having breast cancer


3. Having no bra improves circulation

We have provided a video below which further explains why women going braless is a must.