‘Wonder woman” Gal Gadot Caught Lip-biting While Looking At Chris Pine

The movie Wonder Woman is a mega hit movie of 2017. In its opening weekend, it surged to a total of $223 million in ticket sales worldwide surpassing previous record held by Fifty Shades of Grey.

This also resulted instant fame to its lead star, Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot-Varsano (age 32) is an Israeli actress, model and beauty queen (she won Miss Israel in 2004). She also starred in movies like, The Fast and the Furious and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and will also be starring in DC’s upcoming movie, Justice League.

Gal, being the star of one of the biggest hit movies this year and a certified Wonder Woman, is married, but that doesn’t mean she can’t express admiration towards a colleague.

Image result for gal gadot lip biting with chris pine gif

In an interview together with Chris Pine to promote their movie, Gal was caught on camera with this expression:

Despite being the gorgeous woman that she is, it seems that she too is not immune to Chris Pine’s charms.

Chris Pine (Steve Trevor) is Gal’s (Wonder Woman) love interest in the movie. They fought together to end the war and to destroy Ares (The God of War).

Yes, Gal is happily married but if you were this close to Chris Pine, I bet you can’t resist to look at him this way too.

Maybe Gal is just thinking about BBQ chips….

Or she was thinking about her loving husband …

We can never really tell which is which.

But one thing is certain, Wonder Woman is an awesome movie. You should watch it, as soon as possible.

Source: Buzzfeed