Xander Ford posted a video following a report that he is missing

On Friday, November 24, 2017, the social media world was shocked when the news that the internet sensation, Xander Ford is missing. The “disappearance” news on Xander broke when his talent agency, Star Image Artist Management posted on their Facebook account that they could not get a hold of Xander.

The agency posted that a few pre-scheduled guesting of Xander was cancelled because of his disappearance. The said agency even asked for the help of everyone who may have an idea on Xander’s whereabouts so that they can easily find him.

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Hours after the said post went viral, a video of Xander also went viral. The said video was posted by the Facebook page, Senyora. In the 1 minute and 15 seconds clip, Xander first introduced himself as his old name, Marlou Arizala.

The internet sensation explained that he is not “missing” in any way. He is simply taking a rest from his busy schedule ever since he was launched as a new artist.

Xander also said that he is really tired from all that he is doing as seen on his haggard face. The aspiring actor also said that he is only taking a “break” from showbiz as the past few months have been stressful to him given the controversies he faced.

Xander Ford says he is not missing, wants to take a break from showbiz

Xander insists that he only needs to rest for a few months to have a fresh start to his career and give himself the rest that he deserves.

In the previous months, Xander has been through a roller coaster ride after various issues that he was involved in that according to him had made him become a better and stronger person.

Watch the full video below: