Xander Ford reveals video during his operation and it looks VERY PAINFUL

“Tiis Ganda” is often a phrase used by millenials to describe the pain they have to endure just to look good in front of an audience. Just like wearing heels for hours just to look a little taller or wearing a very tight dress just to look sexier.

However, a few people even took “tiis-ganda” to a whole new level just to look better and be accepted by the majority. This is what internet sensation, Marlou Arizala a.k.a Xander Ford has perfectly exemplified.

We are all aware of the fact that Marlou underwent a few surgical enhancements on his face, skin, teeth and etc. to become Xander Ford.

The former Hasth5 member reportedly did not spend a single peso in order to perform operations to achieve his dream of being “pogi” because there are kind-hearted people who sponsored all the procedures.

However, the pain he have suffered during these operations is certainly not free. Xander himself posted a few videos of the procedures and it sure looks pretty painful.

Here is the video of a procedure done on his cheeks:

Another one is a clip from a dental operation he went through:

The next one is on the modification of the color of his lips:

Then, there is another video of we assumed is for his skin enhancement:

Lastly, a video on Xander’s hair transformation:

We can only imagine the pain Xander must have felt while undergoing all these procedures. Surely, we can never tell unless we went through it ourselves.

Source: Facebook