Xian Gaza is giving away a free iPhone 7 and a 4D3N all-expense-paid trip to Maldives! But there’s a catch!

Most people dream of having their hands on the latest gadgets and going on a vacation in a popular tourist destination. Some are even willing to toss-up their saved money just to own their “dream gadget” and get to their “dream destination”.

Billboard-Coffee-Date-Guy, Xian Gaza sure does have a way of getting people’s attention with yet another bizarre offer. A brand new 256GB Iphone7 (Red) and a 4D3N all-expense-paid trip to Maldives in exchange of his JACKET worth P48,888.

Xian Gaza/ Definitely Filipino Photo

Sounds incredible? Well, Gaza promised it is a legit public sale. The only catch to this seemingly too good to be true offer is that the trip to Maldives is with him and the buyer should pass his qualifications.

As reported by Definitely Filipino, anyone interested should pass the following qualifications:

  • Female since birth
  • 18 to 29 years old
  • Never been married
  • Single or with boyfriend’s notarized permit
  • Name has no touch of ‘ella’, ‘ela’, ‘erich’, ‘rich’, ‘erika’ nor ‘maica’
Xian Gaza/ Definitely Filipino Photo

Considering that the market price for an Iphone 7 is around P42,000 and a 4D3N trip to Maldives costs around P50,000, the buyer surely has the advantage. That still depends on the buyer’s perspective though, given that the buyer will have to spend the entire trip with Gaza.

Xian Gaza/ Definitely Filipino Photo

The post has gained public interest given Gaza’s fame. A lot of people are curious whether some girl would be brave enough to take Gaza’s offer. After all, she still has to spend P48,888 on a jacket.

Xian Gaza/ Definitely Filipino Photo

It is also important to take note of Gaza’s reputation. Especially his recent coffee date invitation to Erich Gonzales via an enormous billboard. He was later slammed by Netizens for using celebrities to gain fame.

So, would you be willing to take Gaza’s offer?