Yaya graduates in college as Cum Laude, marched on stage with her proud “alaga”

In a house full of household chores, if needed, we really wanted to have someone who could help us. In the Philippines, there are lots of helpers who are working in different households. One common helper is called Yaya or Nanny. Once they have stayed longer, they are already considered part of the family.

There are even some employers who would send their yayas to school if they have seen them working well.

Lucille Guiquin is one of those lucky yayas who were sent to school by their bosses. She started working as yaya to Joshua, son of her boss named Roland Benzon. Lucille is not just a good yaya but also a responsible student who did her best in school and gained a degree with honors in college.

From a simple yaya, went to college and graduated Cum laude in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Read here how she got her degree:

Roland wrote on his Facebook account attached with Lucille and Joshua’s picture;

“Lucille was a shy Negrense, when she joined our household in 2006. Throughout Joshua’s childhood, she fed, bathed, chaperoned him, and helped around the house too. She also supervised Josh’s homework and exam reviews, which was arguably beyond her call of duty.”

“She did that so well, her potential became apparent. And so we promised her that we would send her to college, after Josh turned 10. We made a good on that vow.”

“Even though she still did household chores and cared Josh, she strove to finish each semester with honors. Why? So she could qualify for a student subsidy and help defray her tuition (savings for us!) She even saved up for her own laptop, so she could complete her papers and reports on time.

We demanded nothing of her, yet she did not waste the opportunity. Four years of university passed so quickly, and she is done. Well done, Lucille. Well done!”

She marched on stage receiving her award and diploma, Joshua accompanied her, and on the picture Joshua’s smile seems like the proudest of what her yaya has achieved. And it is clear on Roland’s post how they are proud of her.

Indeed, Lucille had achieve something through the help of her boss’ family, and of course her own perseverance as well.

Congratulations to the Cum Laude Lucille Guiquin and Thumbs up to Mr. Roland Benzon and family.