Young girl takes wheel and drive home after 70-year-old driver said he’s too sleepy to drive

Jeepney or taxi drivers are always in chase of passengers because the food on their table depends on it. On the other hand, drivers should always be wide awake. They’re not just carrying a passenger, they are carrying precious lives. But if you constantly have this trouble as a driver, the best thing you should do is to park and just have a nap. The income that you will have all day can never pay when someone’s life was gone because of not being careful.

Recently, a young beautiful lady went viral on social media because instead of getting angry at the sleepy driver, she insisted to take over the wheel and drive.

Cristina Tan narrated her peculiar experience while commuting. She narrated that while on her way home, she and the driver are having a conversation about being a 70-year-old driver and still driving even from the Marcos years. The driver even shared that he should retire but he got a daughter that needs his support.

After a while, the driver told Cristina to look for another cab because he is far from her destination but the driver looks very sleepy. Because of fear that something might happen to her if he dropped her off, Cristina insisted to drive. The driver feels so embarrassed that his passenger taken over the wheel and surprised that she can drive a manual transmission vehicle.

At that moment they switched position, said Cristina, the driver suddenly fell asleep and snoring.

When you look at the photo without scrutinizing it, you will believe that Cristina is the driver. Cristina can’t resist taking a photo while she is in the driver’s seat and the driver was at the back, in a deep sleep.

Later, she posted the photos on her Facebook account, getting a hold of the experience of being a taxi driver even in a short time.

Her Facebook post went viral and garnered accolade both for her and the driver. This kind of moment is worth pondering. Instead of getting pissed-off and turned into a beast because of inconvenience, why not have a reverse reaction, be kind and affectionate.

SOURCES: Cristina Tan, Definitely Filipino